“Revealed! The Exact Process You Can Use to Turn a 75-Year-Old Book Into Profitable, New Products You Can Sell All Day Long!”

If you’ve had a desire to create your own information products to sell online, it’s likely that you’ve been told time and again WHAT to do to create successful, profitable products. Perhaps you’ve EVEN been shown a thing or two, yet there is STILL a disconnect. You’re STILL wondering how to get from point A to point B.

Let me ask you a question…

What if someone would show you EXACTLY how to take an existing work from the Public Domain…like a 75 year-old book…and walk you through the ENTIRE product creation process with it, step-by-step. You would discover how to turn that proven content into a variety of NEW products that would produce profit in multiple ways and be able to SEE the FULL creation strategy.

Do you think THAT could give you the unfair advantage you need to
FINALLY make this info product “thing” work for you?

You BET it would!

Well…that’s the GREAT NEWS I have for you today…that’s EXACTLY what I’m going to do in my brand-new training called, “Public Domain Profit Strategies!”

As you know, I’m a HUGE fan and have been using it for a long time in my business. Why? It’s proven, quality content that can be repurposed into ANY new type of derivative product. The process WORKS and I want to show you HOW…exactly…step-by-step!

In “Public Domain Profit Strategies,” I am going to take you through the entire derivative product creation process using a 75 year-old book I found at a flea market for $3. As I explain and demonstrate every step of the process, you will discover how SIMPLE this creation strategy really is.


And here’s the best part…not only are you going to see me create multiple products from this 96-page booklet, but I will ALSO give you full access to those products once they’re created! That way you will truly be able to see the ENTIRE process beginning to end!


These proven strategies I reveal for creating successful, profitable products are easily worth $197, given that I’m showing you exactly what works AND giving you access to the product I created during the training. But for a limited time, I’d like to offer you access to this training to apply to your OWN product creation methods for a fraction of the regular price…just $97! That’s an immediate discount of $100 OFF!

Just $97!

You receive access to BOTH training replays from the LIVE webinars.

PLUS…as a BONUS…you will ALSO receive access to
the product I created as a part of our Case Study!

Get Your Access Now…

  • BOTH Webinar Replays (that were Taught LIVE) showing the entire product creation process
  • BONUS! Access to the final product that was created!

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